What is the attitude toward COVID-19 which we should have?

JJ (Japanese Blogger)
3 min readMay 31, 2020

While COVID-19 is spreading, we are required to do behavior to avoid infection. We have to stay home, keep distance from others by about 2 meters and not to go the place where there are many people, that it, our lifestyle has been changed. Not also lifestyle but also economy has been affected seriously. Many companies, shops and restaurants in the world had to stop their business again their intention. As famous news, we know the news that Hertz corporation filed for bankruptcy. In Japan, Renown which is a famous apparel firm filed for bankruptcy as well. As it is highly possible that many people lose their jobs due to pandemic, the governments must handle economic policy as soon as possible. The U.S. government worked very fast, President Donald Trump signed the rescue plan last March. Behind U.S., the Japan government also decided the economic policy at the time of May.




Although we cannot still be rejoiced easily because there are countries which are suffering from COVID-19 still now, COVID-19 chaos is subsiding in U.S., Europe and Japan which are countries that pandemic began comparatively early. Surprisingly, it is reported that the number of deaths due to deaths in Japan is quite low, although the exact reason of that is not known. Economy activities are resuming in these countries. However, a lot of economist comment that it should take a few years to recovery economy totally. If their thought is true, we would have to continue to be patient in a few years. To think about economic recovery, whether the same business model as that before COVID-19 can work is an important point. As people need to conduct behavior to avoid the risk of infection, some business models cannot work after COVID-19 and are required to be changed almost. For example, Buffet is one of those business models. As silverwares to take and eat food are shared by people and dishes are left in front of people, it should be thought that there is high risk of infection in buffet. This can be said for not only in buffet, but also other business that many people concentrate at one spot, such as theater, stadium or gym also is under the same risk. A lot of business and service in the world are required to be changed. As the risk of infection cannot be zero even if any counter way is conducted, people are required to understand that they always have the risk of infection all the time.

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In the recent news, it is reported that lots of states in U.S. opened the restriction of going outside and then many people enjoy some leisure plots like shopping, bar, beach or park. In fact, as they felt frustrated for coronavirus restriction, lifting the restriction was a trigger that people express their disgust by going those plots. Enjoying leisure is essential for getting their patience for the second wave of COVID-19 infection coming in the future that many experts are warning of its possibility. So, we have to understand that consideration to avoid infection should be kept until COVID-19 pandemic has gone totally.

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