Are Fireworks also set off on Online?

JJ (Japanese Blogger)
2 min readJun 13, 2020
Photo by Jingda Chen on Unsplash

Very sadly, a lot of events have been cancelled in Japan due to COVID-19 pandemic. People generally like events like festivals and entertainments, but they cannot go anywhere since most of events will not be held this year. COVID-19 pandemic is harming not only many people but also events. Japan is also in the same situation similarly to other countries.

Summer season to which people are looking forward is coming soon. Everyone wants to be refreshed by resolving their feeling of frustration due to COVID-19 pandemic. But, unfortunately, in Japan, most of summer events have been cancelled for the purpose to prevent from spreading COVID-19 virus. Fireworks have been cancelled as well. As firework is a favorite entertainment of Japanese people, they feel very sad to hear that fireworks were cancelled almost in all areas of Japan in 2020.

Photo by Julie Fader on Unsplash

A broadcasting company in Japan (named as “Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc.” has announced an interesting program to meet people’s desire that they really want to see fireworks. The company planned a fireworks online program which sounds given forth by fireworks are presented on online. The company has been known by the news that they planned the similar online programs for sounds of bonfire or cooking fried rice last year. Because the company feel sad to see the situation that the enjoyable events were lost due to COVID-19 pandemic, they came up with the program of fireworks.

Although the risk of COVID-19 can be being controlled well in Japan, lacking effort against COVID-19 is not good though yet. In 2020, people in Japan still need to find alternative ways to make themselves enjoy. Hope that pandemic panic can be resolved in the world as soon as possible.

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